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Upcoming Events
Monday, Jun 07
11:00 AMLift Weights, Practice
All DayLift Weights, Practice
Tuesday, Jun 08
11:00 AMLift Weights, Practice
Wednesday, Jun 09
11:00 AMLift Weights, Practice
Thursday, Jun 10
11:00 AMLift Weights, Practice
Friday, Jun 11
9:00 AMBrookwood Summer Duals
Saturday, Jun 12
9:00 AMArcher Summer Duals
Monday, Jun 14
11:00 AMLift Weights, Practice
Tuesday, Jun 15
9:00 AMCamp at South Forsyth
Wednesday, Jun 16
9:00 AMCamp at South Forsyth
Thursday, Jun 17
11:00 AMLift Weights, Practice
Friday, Jun 18
11:00 AMSet-Up for Summer Duals, Practice
Saturday, Jun 19
9:00 AMGrayson Summer Duals
Monday, Jun 21
11:00 AMLift Weights, Practice
Tuesday, Jun 22
11:00 AMLift Weights, Practice
Thursday, Jun 24
11:00 AMLift Weights, Practice
Friday, Jun 25
11:00 AMLift Weights, Practice
Saturday, Jun 26
9:00 AMBuford Summer Duals
Monday, Jul 05
11:00 AMLift Weights
Tuesday, Jul 06
11:00 AMLift Weights
Thursday, Jul 08
11:00 AMLift Weights
Monday, Jul 12
11:00 AMLift Weights
Tuesday, Jul 13
11:00 AMLift Weights

Latest News

Wrestler/Manager Dues 2020-2021

Wrestler/Manager Dues

2020-2021 Wrestling Information

All should watch the video below about the upcoming season.

Anyone interested in wrestling or being a wrestling manager this year at Grayson should contact Coach Mike Stephen at as soon as possible. Look over the video as well as important dates below. 

    OCTOBER 5TH- Preaseason conditioning began on this date. Conditioning will run until 11/9, when we start with actual wrestling practices. These conditioning workouts will start after school and will run until approximately 3:30pm. 

    OCTOBER 26TH- We will still be running conditioning but this is considered in-season. Attendance is mandatory at this point, unless playing a Fall sport (or JROTC) for Grayson High School. 

    NOVEMBER 1ST- This is our dues deadline. This was extended from 10/15. We need all dues in by this time. If this will be an issue please contact Coach Mike Stephen at There is information above on this website in regards to dues payments. 

    NOVEMBER 7TH- More information will go out prior to this time, but we will have our Weight Certification on this date at Archer. We will use a bus to go to Archer at 10am. We should return to Grayson by approximately 12pm. All should have $10 and by hydrated. Again, more info will go out on this prior to this date. The goal is to get 100% in our program certified on this date. This has to happen before a wrestler can complete. This is by far the easiest date/option.  

     NOVEMBER 9TH- This is when our normal, on the mat wrestling practices begin. At this time practice will run from right after school until right at 5pm. We practice Monday- Friday.




Physicals/Dragon Fly Information

Please Read!

*Visit and click "Login/Sign-Upto create your free accountIt is best to sign up on a desk top then you can download the app to your phone.

*On the sign-up page, click "Sign Up for Free".
*Follow the prompts to create your 
Parent Account with your email address or phone

*Enter your child's School Code 
YEV7EU when prompted and confirm this is the correct

*Click "Add A Child
," then follow the prompts to create your child’s profile and complete his/

her participation forms, including uploading any necessary documents.

*After completing your child's forms, you can review his/her profile OR add another child's profile.

*A signed doctors physical can be uploaded to DragonFly or turned in to the Athletic Office atGrayson High School.

*Physicals are not considered complete until all forms on DragonFly are completed and a signed physical is turned in.